Employ Me project introduces young people to the world of work

During the beginning of August young people at Fairbridge's centre in Kennington were introduced to the world of work during a course called 'Employ Me'. The week was designed to give young people the opportunity to develop all-essential employability skills and prepare them for the job market.

On the first day of the one-week project young people were encouraged to update their existing CV, or create a new one, with the help of employees from the Bank of New York Mellon. Young people were also given tips on how to search for work using a variety of means.

For the remainder of the week, the young people visited a number of employers, including, vibrant and relationship-minded law firm LG. The group also went to Milwall Football Club and Plimlico Plumbers to look around premises and pose their questions to staff members about what it's really like to work there.

The week culminated with the group preparing a short presentation on their week with the help of specialist recruitment and training agency Backstop.

Read about Backstop's Employ Me experience on their blog here.

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